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One of Commonwealth Technology’s newest features is our Customer Satisfaction Center… got an error code or issue loading toner or staples? You don’t necessarily have to wait for a technician to come out, ask for our help desk. They can solve basic malfunctions and assist with network related calls within minutes over the phone. Our Technical Advisors have years of field experience to walk you through common issues or networking problems. The next time you make a service call just ask our Customer Care Agent for the “helpdesk”!

With the launch of our Customer Satisfaction Center at the end of 2012, we have dramatically reduced the amount of down time for our customers. Some of the calls we receive can be resolved with phone support, and/or remote assistance. We can do both.
Our customers love the peace of mind knowing that with Commonwealth Technology, getting their new PC or Mac setup for scanning and printing is only a phone call away. 

Our Customer Satisfaction Center was established so that our customers can get their IT related issues resolved faster and smoother. Our help desk has over a  90% rate of resolving issues remotely, and when we do need to assign the task to one of the field service technicians, they already have a very good understanding of the issue before they arrive.

Less down time means more profitability.

If the Help Desk has directed you to this page so they can connect to your computer - please click the button below. 

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