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Mailing Solutions

Commonwealth Technology is excited to offer the award winning mailing equipment and office products from Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a leading provider of customer communication technologies. A $5.3 billion dollar company with 29,000 employees, they serve both large corporations and small to medium sized businesses in more than 100 countries. Their software, equipment and services help businesses communicate more effectively in today’s multi-channel environment, so they can build long-term customer relationships and drive profitable growth.

Pitney Bowes has been providing solutions to businesses of all sizes since 1920. In 2013 Commonwealth Technology teamed up with Pitney Bowes to provide mailing solutions to companies of all sizes in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Commonwealth Technology and Pitney Bowes will deliver the best solutions for our customers and provide quality service and customer support. Commonwealth Technology is your local answer to all of your mailing needs and providing solutions for the mailstream.

If you are interested in any of our Mailing Solutions please fill out the form below and a Mailing Specialist will contact you.

Postage Meters & Scales

Why should your office use a postage machine? There are many great reasons!

  • Prints postage directly on mail pieces or packages with a postage meter, kiosk or shipping solution.
  • Saves valuable time by have the post office at your fingertips.
  • No more trips waiting in line for stamps at the post office.
  • Pitney Bowes postage meter can weigh and print accurate postage, no matter how small or large your mailing needs are.
  • Postage scales can save up to 20% by allowing you to put the exact amount of postage without waste.
  • Postage downloads available 24/7 at the touch of a button.
  • Professional look with crisp, clean inkjet printing.
  • Available in automatic, semi-automatic and hand feed with various scale capacities.
  • Rate downloads directly into meter as USPS rate changes occur.

Folders, Inserters and Tabbers

Many businesses and schools across the Commonwealth devote a lot of time to folding and stuffing mail. With a Commonwealth Technology supplied folder or inserter you can eliminate this stress and allocate your resources to other projects or tasks. There are many great reasons to consider a folder, inserter or tabber.

  • Give your communications a professional look.
  • Automated folding equipment can dramatically increase productivity and decrease costs.
  • Pitney Bowes folders can help get out your important mail faster and more efficiently.
  • Available to fold and insert anywhere from 900 pieces per hour all the way up to 5400 pieces per hour.
  • Can integrate with a Pitney Bowes mailing system for seamless end-to-end mail processing.
  • Multifunctional tabbers are ideal for all types of self mailers, postcards, catalogs, booklets and brochures.
  • Will create the professional look for all your self-mailers with round clear, translucent or paper tabs.
  • Ideal for small catalogs and newsletters.


AddressRight® Pro delivers a comprehensive mail management solution that supports a complete range of presort methods.

The software is equipped with powerful tools to optimize your mail preparation process:

  • DPV (Delivery Point Validation) - Provides accurate delivery address information and identifies bad or non-existent addresses.
  • Address Verification – CASS - Coding Accuracy Support (CASS) verifies that the address falls within a deliverable range, corrects misspellings and adds required USPS ZIP Code information Presort Savings – PAVE - Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation (PAVE) is an USPS-approved presort methodology that ensures address sorting accuracy and automatically completes USPS required mailing forms.
  • Duplicate Detection - Quickly finds duplicate addresses and lets you separate or delete them. Avoid sending the same message more than once by detecting similar names, addresses and/or phone numbers.
  • Geocoding - This process assigns a precise latitude/longitude coordinate to an address. Improves your ability to target prospects and provides more detailed analysis than creating queries based on ZIP Code alone.
  • LACS (Locatable Address Conversion System) - LACS was developed in response to the needs of the 911 emergency systems. It automatically updates rural-style addresses to city-style addresses and saves money by reducing undeliverable-as addressed mail.
  • ELOT (Enhanced Line of Travel) - Provides enhanced carrier information to expedite mailings. Creates eligibility for USPS presort discounts of up to 25%.
  • VeriMove™ Net - Access the latest USPS National Change of Address information. Updates the most current address information prior to mailing, in real time over the internet, available 24/7.
  • Label Designer Plus Software - Fully integrated mail piece design software that helps optimize critical marketing space in your mail piece. Ensures that you follow postal regulations and instantaneously designs postage-saving barcodes.

Office Products

Document Binders: See how our binding solutions can help make your presentations look their best!

Create professional looking presentations yourself in just minutes! 

  • Mail Openers: To automate the processing of incoming mail, from envelope cutting to trimming, mail letter openers help your business operate smoothly and efficiently.
    Process a variety of envelope types and sizes.
  • Furniture Solutions: Shared workspace and communications centers can be a challenge to organize for efficiency. Pitney Bowes has a wide variety of mailroom furniture solutions.
    Pitney Bowes Furniture Solutions are designed to maximize space and streamline the workflow for all core areas – mail center, sorting and distribution points, and shipping areas.
  • Visitor Tracking Systems: Visitor management is crucial to many organizations' security plans, from corporate to schools. Pitney Bowes has simple solutions to help account for and screen the visitors, contractors, volunteers, and employees who pass through their doors each year.
    LobbyGuard®, the simple solution to help schools account for and screen the thousands of visitors, contractors, volunteers, and employees who pass through their doors each year.
    • Performs instant background checks against sex offender databases
    • Prints visitor badges with time and state stamp
    • Stores visitor history in secure database
    • Scans driver's licenses
  • Shredders: Every office has a need for security, disposing of sensitive data and documents. Pitney Bowes solutions can help serve your security needs.
    Available in 3 models for Light Duty, Office Duty and High Security Shredding
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